Our Leadership - STEP INDUSTRIES


Mr. Sunil Tayal, Director

A Graduate in B.Com from Delhi University, the Step Industries Director Mr. Sunil Tayal, one of those few entrepreneurs in the Indian business landscape who can mark his career with the growth pace of the country. He exhibited his entrepreneurial bent of mind early in his youth and his acumen in forging joint ventures made numerous global brands accessible to the Indian masses.

Mr. Tayal's ideals of total precision and mutual growth gives Step Industries an edge in forging business relationships in the new millennium. He has steered Step Industries to what it is now, also it has emerged as a custodian of companies that together influence the Groups exemplary equity in knowledge, best practices, and technical expertise.

Apart from cable manufacturing, Step Industries comprises of other businesses, including heavy engineering, hospitality and lifestyle sectors that drive the Indian economy - a conglomerate with a turnover in excess of INR 100 Crores.

Mr. Rajeev Goel, Director

Mr Goel has been responsible for the daily operations of the company and further he looks into the diverse affairs of the organization on a regular basis. Rajeev is a recognized and an accomplished expert in the Indian cable and wire Industry with an experience of more than 30 years.

A man known for his straightforwardness and respect for mutual growth, Mr. Goel's ideals of Total Transparency gives Step Industries an edge in forging business relationships in the new Millennium. He plays a vital role in strategic planning and financial analysis for the Group in addition to maintaining and nurturing business and investor relations. Known as the trouble shooter he comes to the rescue as and when there is a serious issue that the organization faces. He has been a firm believer in technology since the very beginning.

Mr. Ankit Tayal, Director

A fellow member of ICAI and a qualified Chartered Accountant, has set his strategic goal and vision to direct the Step Industries as a front runner in the cable & wire industry.

His focal point is to establish the overall brand proposition and positioning of the group keeping in mind its core business values, exploring new growth avenues for developing a market leadership. Ankit realized the power of technology in the coming future, with lots of techs being innovated, Cable & Wire industry was one of the first to adopt the technology, which impelled Ankit to found Step Industries & Wire in

Backed by an organized team of professionals, and their clairvoyant outlook, Ankit assessed and realized the potential of the B2B market. He has diligently proved himself as one of the main pillars on which Step Industries is standing today. It’s the result of his direction and astonishing management skills that the truly Indian company is one of India’s largest B2B Cable & Wire Company proudly serving nearly 3,000 Cable & Wire Dealers across 150 Cities in India for their requirements.

Mr. Deepanshu Tayal, Director

A Director with Step Industries, is a symbol of performance, drive and affirmation with zeal to always excel. An expert in numerous management methods, he influences the internal and external dynamics of the organization, synergizing them with success.

A passionate leader, Mr. Deepanshu Tayal, inspiring people through a shared vision and creating an environment where people feel valued and fulfilled, make a positive difference in the world.

He constantly works towards delivering competitive advantage to the organization by leveraging competencies, global scale, and standard ways of working with local capabilities. Step Industries provides competitive edge for its customers by having the right skills, available on the right time and at the right place.

According to Deepanshu, the only way one can keep growing as a leader is through the constant cycle of learning, unlearning and relearning. The ability to put this knowledge and information into perspective is what helps a leader to mature.

Mr. Sumit Tayal, CEO, Step Cables

Mr Tayal has been responsible for managing the strategic marketing for several products of the company. Sumit has an outgoing, gregarious and spontaneous nature.

His expertise lies in his approaches to strategic direction and marketing within the organization. He also assists the organization with the role of leading the strategic process and preparing for implementation. He has a dream of taking the company to newer heights. The first thing that clients get from Sumit is Transparency. That’s where the faith and trust between two people begins.

Their clients are always looking for them to solve their most complex business challenges. Moving the discussions away from headcount to business challenges was perhaps the biggest step forward that Sumit has been able to contribute along with his teams. Sumit believes that a leader should embrace everyone equally, but allow them to explore their individual capacities by giving them freedom and flexibility. Sumit has always leaned on books to learn, and of course, advisors from various backgrounds also helped him maneuver the course of his company during crisis situations or road blocks.